Award Winning Best Selling Author Jacquie Gee...


In between picking up her son and running after groceries, Jacquie can be found holed away in her plum-colored office penning works of love and romance. Sometimes she works by candlelight to bring about just the right amount of ambience to help her get the romantic scenes just right. Most days, she can be found staring at her screen, sipping cinnamon tea, and indulging in too much forbidden fruit. By forbidden fruit I mean, dark salted caramels, her absolute favourite.

She enjoys composing strong-minded heroines in wildly precarious predicaments, and leading men with heart.

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My Partner

Meet Zinga. Jacquie pretty much works solo, but this guy does hang around at her feet, just to make sure she stays on task. Jacquie says he's the perfect writing dog. What you see is what you get. Unless he sees himself in a mirror, he can usually be found looking just like this, reclined in his bed with his favourite blankets, though he has been known to drag her out for walks in some pretty inclement weather, but she doesn't mind. Who could mind with a face like that?