A Sweet Romantic Comedy

A haunted seaside mansion gets a second chance, and it's not the only one...


Jules Bates has always been a serious fish out of water in small town Heartland Cove. She has big dreams of escaping one day to the Big Apple, with her one of a kind wedding dress creations, where she plans to become the next famous designer- like her mother always knew she would. But there's this little matter of leaving her dad...all alone, with mother's ghost. Elbow deep in worm dirt at her father's infamous Bernie's Bates' Bait Shop - a stranger blows into town. Jules can't help this eerie feeling she has the moment she meets him, like she already knows him, like they've already met- somewhere else in time. 

Jayden Sievert has come to Heartland Cove in search of answers where he finds himself in Jules' father's bait shop. When he announces his plans to purchase the Caldwell Manor at the edge of town, an old abandoned, seriously-haunted seaside mansion overlooking the water, Jules is more than flabbergasted. The property has inhabited by the not-so-friendly ghost of  Edgar Locklear for over a century now. Everyone knows that. But if befriending a cantankerous ghost it what it takes to unlock the secrets of Jayden's sketchy past, he's willing. Now that he's met the extremely lovely, precocious Jules/Juliet Bates though, he's questioning the urgency of his mission. Could their chance meeting really just by chance, or was it a supernaturally-arranged fate?

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