A cold winter storm brings a chance charmed meeting. Is there really lasting warmth among strangers after the storm, or is this just a really big mistake?

London Lancaster doesn't know what she's doing anymore. She thought she did, but now? Expecting an engagement ring for Christmas, from her dashing soon-to-be Lawyer boyfriend Haddly Harris, she was sorrowfully disappointed, but is sure it's coming for New Years. After all, he did stress he wanted to surprise her. London thinks she has her life is all sewn up, but lately Haddly seems more interested in his studies than London. Then again, he is about the write the bar. Haddly's right, she is becoming awfully needy.

Still something isn't right, it's been niggling at her for a while now. Is Haddly really the one for her and she for he? A polar vortex to meet all porlar vortex's sweeps into town hell bent on helping her answer that question, leaving London stranded at the Toronto Train Station, and if not for the generosity of a total stranger, homeless for the night, when she arrives into town late, and find herself locked out of their apartment. Reluctantly, London accepts the strangers invitation to an innocent sleep over, and agrees to spend the night at his appartment, but there must be rules...rules she stresses. After all, she's taken.

Or should she be?