A Sweet Romantic Comedy

So, what is one to do when one returns home to find one's ex-fiance, is now the Mayor and threatens to destroy one's entire world, and a hot Aussie is living with one's Mom?

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Dilemmas abound as Becca Lane returns home to small town Heartland Cove, to discover her mother acting strange, a town in shambles, and an incredibly good-looking Aussie, squatting in her former heritage home. What to deal with first? Worse, Jebson Jefferies, Becca's former fiancé, is threatening to destroy the town's centuries-old tourist attraction (and sole source of income) the second-longest covered bridge left standing in all of North America -- which just happens to be part of Becca's family legacy.

Trent Nash is a displaced Aussie with problems of his own. He's escaped to small town Heartland Cove to conceal the secrets of his checkered past, but the stunningly determined, sassy little red-head that just walked through his door, now threatens to unearth them. 

Things heat up, and Becca herself embroiled in the fight of her life as she tries in to save Heartland from a seemingly inevitable fate. She could really use some help. Will the good-looking newcomer, Trent, be able to put his fears aside long enough to come to Becca's aid, or will he forever live with his secrets and an empty heart.